Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Holiday

Hello everyone !
Christmas is almost here, so I've decided to talk to you about The Holiday, a film I watched some time ago that takes place during Christmas.

The Holiday is a 2006 American romantic comedy film directed by Nancy Meyers and starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black.

The plot is as follows : two women trade homes for the holidays.
Amanda Woods owns a company in Los Angeles, while Iris is a journalist in London. Iris has been in love with her boyfriend for over three years, despite his infidelities. When she finds out that he is engaged to another woman, Iris despairs. Meanwhile, Amanda discovers that her boyfriend has cheated on her. She decides she wants to get away for the holidays. She visits a home swap website on which Iris had previously listed her cottage in Surrey. Amanda contacts Iris about her interest. Iris quickly agrees and the two agree to swap homes for two weeks.

But Amanda grows bored after just a few hours in Surrey, and books a flight back for the next day. Iris’ brother Graham knocks at the door assuming Iris is home. He asks Amanda to let him spend the night despite the fact that he is a stranger, as he has been drinking at the pub and doesn't want to drive. They end up sleeping together. In the morning, Graham receives a number of phone calls from Sophie and Olivia, which rouses the suspicions of Amanda that Graham is a womanizer. However, at the airport Amanda decides to stay. Graham suggests they go to lunch to get to know one another better. During lunch, Amanda shares with Graham that her parents divorced when she was fifteen and since then she has been unable to cry. Graham responds that he cries all the time: movies, books, sad stories, etc. While obviously enjoying each other's company, Amanda is worried that the relationship will become complicated, and tries to keep Graham at arm's length.

Meanwhile, Iris is enjoying the stay at Amanda's house. She meets Miles. Later, she finds an old man, Arthur standing lost at the corner. She learns that he was a script writer during the Golden Age of Hollywood. The two become friends.

Amanda chooses not to see Graham again but once alone in the house she has a change of heart and surprises Graham at his house. He looks extremely nervous at the door, Amanda asks Graham whether he is alone, and he says he isn't. Before she can turn away, Olivia and Sophie come to the door, revealing that they are Graham's daughters. Amanda is shocked and asks Graham in a whisper if he is divorced. He says no, because his wife died two years ago. Amanda asks him why he did not reveal the existence of his daughters to her during their sharing at lunch. Graham explains that he doesn't usually tell women about them because he doesn't know how to date and be a dad. Amanda fits in beautifully, making Graham reconsider his decision to keep their relationship strictly casual.

Iris finds out that the Screenwriters' Guild wants to throw a grand celebration in Arthur's honor, but he is reluctant to go mainly because he cannot walk without the assistance of his walker and does not want to embarrass himself. Iris encourages him to go because it's a real honor, and promises to help him prepare to attend the award function with her. She undertakes an exercise program with him, determined to help him walk without his walker.
Iris and Miles have slowly become friends, and begin to spend more time together.
The day of the ceremony Iris and Arthur arrive and are very surprised to find the hall filled with people all standing and applauding his achievements. Miles arrives and asks Iris for a date on New Year's Eve. Iris responds that she will be back in London by then. Miles replies that he has never been to London. Iris responds that she would love to spend the evening with Miles.

Meanwhile, Graham confesses his love for Amanda on the night before she is scheduled to depart. Amanda insists it is over, she is certain a long-distance relationship will never work. On her way to the airport, she cries for the first time since she was fifteen years old, and returns to the house to find Graham crying. Amanda tells him that she has decided to stay until New Year's Eve with him.

Iris and Miles celebrate the New Year with Amanda and Graham and his daughters, enjoying the evening laughing and dancing together.

I personally liked more the story with Amanda and Graham than the other one, but nevertheless, I think it's a nice movie you can watch during Christmas !

See you soon !

Text source : Wikipedia

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