Saturday, 28 December 2013

Alegría, Cirque su Soleil

Hello everyone !

Last week I went to Cirque du Soleil, the world famous circus from Quebec who was in Madrid with its show Alegría from the 18th to the 22th of December.

Cirque du Soleil is renowned for its bright, lively, and unforgettable performances, inspired by the beauty and power of human body.
The show Alegría premiered back in 1994 in Montreal, and since then became one of the most popular touring shows of Cirque du Soleil.
In Spanish “alegría” means jubilation, joy and Alegría, the show, is a celebration of youth, energy and possibility.
Alegría is performed by a troupe of 55 performers and musicians coming from 17 different countries.
Alegría is a Cirque du Soleil classic and an internationally acclaimed production that has entertained more than 10 million people worldwide. But it will perform for the last time on December 29, 2013.

The main acts in Alegría are :

Synchronized Trapeze

Power Track : a fast-paced gymnastic number, which is a combination of perfect synchronization and trampoline acrobatics



Russian bars : acrobats jumping and performing somersaults in the air, landing on bars of merely 10 centimeter diameter held on the shoulders of their colleagues. 

Aerial High Bar : an acrobatic number on bars raised in the height of over 12 meters, which requires a massive amount of physical strength.

Cyr Wheel

Other acts include : fire knife dance, flying man ...
The characters (and some facts) are : 


Over 100 000 paper confetti are used for the creation of blizzard in one of the clown acts.

Nostalgic Old Birds

Bird masks, used in the show to impersonate aged aristocrats, are handmade. It takes about 120 hours to make one.

The Nymphs

All artists of the show do their own make-up.

The Black Singer

The White Singer

Her dress weights 10 kilos !

The other characters are Fleur, Tamir, ...
Without forgetting the musicians !

I enjoyed every minute of the show, but  I think my favorite part is the Aerial High Bar act.
I had already seen Alegría in 2006, in the Grand Chapiteau, so I already knew what to expect.

Have you seen Alegría ? Did you like it ?

See you soon !

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